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Patricia G.  " I would like to thank Mike for the outstanding work he has done for our company.  I compliment him on his ability to understand the issues and develop a plan that has truly helped us reach our goals.  His attention to detail is second to none.  He has helped us grow with his sales and marketing techniques, partnership negotiations, business valuation, and business sale negotiations.  He is a pleasure to work with We have learned a great deal from working with him.

Cris P.  "It can be said that a teacher is someone with credentials, experience and intelligence. A great teacher is much more than that.  Michael is nothing shy of a great teacher.  Michael will listen to the uniqueness of each situation and strive to inform, inspire and build on the strengths of a business.  It is of tremendous value to myself and my business to work with someone who will bring multiple ideas or solutions to the table.  Through his guidance, I have felt well equipped and informed to make decisions in regards to my business which I know will allow it to grow and thrive."

Jana P.  "Mike was hired by my employer to provide consulting services. I have found him to be a very hard working individual with intense focus and vision. He has great vision and I am very excited to work with him has he helps us take our company to the next level. l would highly recommend him to anyone."

Lana N.  "Michael has an ability to analyze a situation objectively and brainstorm multiple solutions; he takes my ideas and breathes life into them.  I've consulted with him on several occasions and have found that he is truly in an expert in all areas of finance, investments, and all things business-related. His ingenuity and guidance has helped me start what I feel will be a successful business in the very near future. He has always been prompt in his responses and never ceases to over-extend himself for his clients. This is a man who truly thinks outside of the box, and I would definitely recommend him to all of my contacts." 

Robyn M. "I have been working with Michael for the past 8 years. His expertise is not just in the correct business strategy from corporations to marketing--Michael's real expertise is in listening to what you are trying to achieve as a business professional. He is driven by a desire to see you succeed and obviously knows what tools can help you do that. 100% dependable and effective consulting."

Varr W.   "Michael has proven to be one of the most valuable aspects of my business operations throughout the years. His in-depth knowledge of business development, business operations and business financing has been exceptional, and combined with his high level of integrity and personable attitude, I would recommend him to any with these needs."