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Our Expertise

Augmentus Business Solutions is committed to helping you set up your corporation or LLC the right way so you can achieve your financial goals.  Take your business where you want it to go.  Call us today.
Incorporation Services

Unsure whether you need a C Corp, S Corp or LLC?  We can help you choose the correct entity for your unique situation.  Have your business set up the right way.

Business Consulting 
Tax Filing

Our CPAs and tax professionals specialize in business and corporate returns. We can assist you with your tax strategy and filing needs, both for your business and personal tax filings.

30-Minute Consultation
Business Credit

We have access to SBA loans, credit lines, factoring, and many other traditional and alternative lending products. Ask about our products that do not require tax returns or credit checks.

Online Marketing

Need help with your marketing message or with operational issues? Need help negotiating a business deal? We have both hourly and bulk consulting packages. Our experienced team can help you get started.


Ask us Anything!  Find out if you need a C corp, S corp, or LLC.  Already have a company set up?  We can make sure that you are taking advantage of all the tax advantages available to you.

We offer SEO, SEM, Google Adwords, Facebook and Amazon marketing services.  Our skilled team is known for increasing sales an visibility all over the country


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